Shonan Cherry Blossom Viewing Tour

We went on a cherry blossom viewing tour of Shonan last Sunday, April 1st

We went to the Hanamizu river in Hiratsuka first where the cherry blossoms line the side of the river


Visitors can walk underneath the cherry blossom trees beside the river


Cars can drive next to the cherry blossom trees on the road beside the river


Next we went to Isseyama in Fujisawa, near Fujisawa Honmachi Station

The cheery blossom trees at the bottom of the steps leading up to the park are very old




Isseyama is a quiet place to enjoy cherry blossoms that is not crowded


We finished our Shonan cherry blossom viewing tour at Meoto pond in Kamakurayama


It was a little late for the cherry blossoms at Meoto pond and many petals had fallen off but it was still beautiful



Meoto pond is a wonderful place to take a hike


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