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Fujisawa Ukiyoe Museum

The Fujisawa Ukiyoe Museum Is Open In Cocco Terrace In C-X Near Tsujido Station


There Are Many Explanations In English


Tools That Were Used To Make Ukiyoe Are On Display


The Old Books On Display Are Cool


Visitors Can Learn History The History Of Fujisawa The 6th Station On The Old Tokaido Road


Many Ukiyoe Feature Enoshima And Mt. Fuji


An Old Tokaido Road Board Game

We Love Board Games Here At Perfect English!


The Fujisawa Ukiyoe Museum Is Open Until December 4th



レストラン珊瑚礁 鎌倉

Sangosho Is A famous Restaurant In Kamakura

There are two Sangosho restaurants, one in front of the beach on Route 134 and the original shop on top of the mountain above Kamakura High School.

Both Sangosho Restaurants Are Very Popular

The Seaside Shop Has Beautiful Ocean Views

The Original Shop is Located at the Start of a Trendy Shopping Street

Sangosho is a Cool Place to Enjoy a Delicious Lunch or Dinner

Sangosho means coral reef in English.  It  is famouse for curry and there are many other tasty dishes like garlic potato, seafood salad and fried onions.  The restaurants are crowded on weekends and holidays.  Sangosho has been a landmark in Shonan for many years.


Shinsui Park is a Beautiful Green Area Located Along The Hikichi River

The Park Sits Below the Fujisawa Farmers Market and the Ebara Factory

Wood Bboardwalks Take Visitors Through the Marsh Where Fish, Ducks and Other Animals Live

There is a Soccer Field and Lots of Parking at Shinsui Park

Many People Walk Their Dogs in the Beautiful Nature at Shinsui Park


サスティナブル・スマートタウン 藤沢

The National Factory in Fujisawa Has Been Broken Down

Many People Once Worked at This Site near Taiheidai Hospital

People Will Begin Living Here Next Year

The 60,000 Tsubo Site is Located In Front of Shonan Mall Fill on the Beach Side of the Tokaido Line

Panasonic and Fujisawa City are building Sustainable Smart Town about 3 kilometers from Tsujido Station.  There will be about 750 houses and 300 condominium rooms.  There will be a hospital and educational facilities but no big shops are planned.  Fujisawa City is growing.


Chigasaki Shimin No Mori is a Beautiful Park Located in North Chigasaki

A Small Country Road Good For Bicycles Leads to Chigasaki Shimin No Mori Park

Steps Lead Up To the Park

The Treehouse at Chigasaki Shimin No Mori is Fun for Both Children and Adults

A natural space full of greenery, Chigasaki Shimin No Mori is a good place to spend the day.  There is lots of althetic equipment and good paths for walking.  Going to Chigasaki Shimin No Mori feels like taking a trip to the country. 

湘南ライフタウン ニュース

A New condominium Called Minasia Shonan Life Town Has Opened in Life Town

The Will be Four Buildings With 339 Rooms at the New Condominium

A New Drug Store Will Open in Front of the Condominium

The New Condominium is Located Across the Street From the Oba Library

People Have Started to Live in One of The Buildings

Most of the houses and condominiums in Life Town were built over 30 years ago.  Minasia Shonan Life Town will bring many young families to Life Town.  Welcome to Life Town to all the new residents of Minasia.

辻堂駅 ニュース

Tsujido Station is Changing

The Entrance to Tsujido Station is Bigger

There is a Big New Condominium on the South Side of the Station

There is a New Building With Restaurants and Shops on the North Side of the Station

There is a New Road on the North Side of the Station

They Are Building a New Shopping Mall called Terrace Mall Shonan on the North Side of the Station

Tsujido station will not be a small, country station any more.  It will be a big station with more cars and more people.  Some people will be happy with a new, bigger Tsujido station.  Others will miss the old, smaller Tsujido station.