Mt. Fuji on New Year’s Day

Mt. Fuji Was Beautiful On New Year’s Day 2016


Shonan In English Went To See Mt. Fuji At The Mazda Sky Lounge


The Mazda Sky Lounge Is Located In Yugawara City


We Went To The Mazda Sky Lounge On The Seisho Bypass


The Lake In Front Of Mt. Fuji Is Called Ashinoko


The Mazda Sky Lounge in Yugawara city, just north of Shonan, is a great place to see Mt. Fuji and Ashinoko.


New CM for Shonan on CNN

New Shonan TV Commercial on CNN

Shonan on TV – Cool!

Shonan Cookies

Vending Machines in Shonan Sell Shonan Cookies


Shonan Cookies Sells a Variety of Cookies


Shonan is Known for Surfing – Try a Long Board Cookie!


Homemade Granola

Make Granola at Home in English


Shonan T-Site

Shonan T-Site has opened in Sustainable Smart Town in Fujisawa

SST_16There is a Tsutaya Book Shop and Video Rental Shop at T-Site

T_51An Outdoor Cafe and Play Area for Children at T-Site

T_42Small Dog Run at T-Site


Parking at T-Site is Free for Bikes, the First Hour is Free for Cars

T_81Customers at T-Site Enjoy the Many Trendy Shops


BBQ Roast Turkey ロースト ターキー

BBQ Roast Turkey ロースト  ターキー

Harvesting Black Rice in Chigasaki

A Group of Volunteers Harvested Black Rice in Chigasaki on September 30


Cutting the black rice

Black Rice is a Very Old Type of Rice

Rice_027Tying the black rice

Black Rice is Very Healthy

Rice_036Bales of black rice

This Black Rice Paddy is Organic

Rice_048Black rice kernels

The Volunteers Work Hard to Harvest The Black Rice

Rice_007Hanging the black rice

The Black Rice Paddy is Located in a Beautiful Valley Near Satoyama Park

Rice_073The black rice will dry for two weeks after being hung