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Cherry Blossoms in Shonan

The Cherry Blossoms in Shonan Were Beautiful This Year




These Cherry Blossom are at the Popular Restaurant Kurumaya in Fujisawa



Kurumaya is an Upscale Japanese Restaurant with a Beautiful Entrance



Sushiro is a Popular Restaurant in Shonan

Sushiro 001

All of the Sushi at Sushiro is Priced at 105 yen

Sushiro 018

Sushiro is next to BOOK-OFF

Sushiro 007

Sushiro is Crowded on Weekends When Many Families Come to Eat Sushi

Sushiro 015

Link to Sushiro:

レストラン珊瑚礁 鎌倉

Sangosho Is A famous Restaurant In Kamakura

There are two Sangosho restaurants, one in front of the beach on Route 134 and the original shop on top of the mountain above Kamakura High School.

Both Sangosho Restaurants Are Very Popular

The Seaside Shop Has Beautiful Ocean Views

The Original Shop is Located at the Start of a Trendy Shopping Street

Sangosho is a Cool Place to Enjoy a Delicious Lunch or Dinner

Sangosho means coral reef in English.  It  is famouse for curry and there are many other tasty dishes like garlic potato, seafood salad and fried onions.  The restaurants are crowded on weekends and holidays.  Sangosho has been a landmark in Shonan for many years.